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PRED Financial Statements 2020

Posted 07/19/21

2020 Financial Statements – Portage Regional Economic Development

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Quarter 1 Report – 2021

Posted 04/28/21

First Quarter Report – 2021 Please click the above link to access our Q1 Report!

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Quarter 4 Report – 2020

Posted 01/27/21

4th Quarter Report 2020 Final Please click the above link to access our Q4 Report!

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PRED Financial Statements 2019

Posted 11/13/20

2019 – PRED FS – Notice to reader

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Third Quarter Report – 2020

Posted 10/28/20

Quarter 3 Report Please click the above link to access our Q1 Report!

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Quarter 2 Report 2020

Posted 08/12/20

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New Organizational Strategy for PRED

Posted 07/28/20

PRED ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY Developing strategic areas for an organization is a process of determining its pathway or direction and making decisions on ensuring the adequate amount of resources to...

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First Quarter Report – 2020

Posted 05/01/20

What has been happening in PRED? Check out what initiatives that PRED has been working on in the 1st quarter of 2020

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Strategic Focus

Posted 04/22/20

Strategic Focus The PRED organization is in the final stages of completing its organizational strategy for the next four years. The strategic planning process began with the need to...

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Economic Development COVID-19 Response

Posted 04/22/20

We are teaming up to bring ALL of our resources together to help our local businesses during this pandemic. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, we...

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