Azure Sustainable Fuels Corp.

In November of 2021, PRED was approached by Azure Sustainable Fuels Corp to explore opportunities in the Region of Portage la Prairie. After many meetings, site selections and the development of a strong relationship, an announcement was made in June 2023.

This new industry will position Manitoba as a hub for innovation and green, low-carbon technologies. The Canada and Manitoba governments are providing $2.9 million over two years to support Azure Sustainable Fuels Corp.’s Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study for a planned sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) processing facility in Portage la Prairie.

The facility’s construction is anticipated to cost approximately $1.9 billion and to produce an estimated one billion litres per year of SAF, primarily using Canadian feedstock products such as canola and soybean oils. With Canada’s and Manitoba’s support, the Azure project will create 1,500 construction jobs and approximately 150 direct permanent, highly specialized jobs once in production. The construction of the Azure facility is projected to have a total impact on the Manitoba economy of $2 billion. The first year of operations is expected to create more than $500 million in economic output and sustain hundreds of jobs throughout Manitoba.

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Azure Community Updates:

Dear Azure Community,

We are delighted to provide you with updated information on Azure’s proposed Portage Renewable Fuels Production Facility (please see attached). As we venture further into 2023, our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community collaboration remains unwavering. Through this project update, we aim to keep you informed about the exciting developments taking place within our Manitoba project and the positive impact they are creating.

Located in the heart of Manitoba, this project holds a special place in our journey. It exemplifies our dedication to sustainability, local economic benefits, and contributing to the vitality of the region.

In this edition, you can expect to find insightful updates on various facets of the project, including detailed results of our Environmental Act Proposal (EAP). We believe that transparency is key to building strong relationships, and we’re excited to share the progress we’ve made so far.

Thank you for being an integral part of our Azure community. Your support, feedback, and enthusiasm inspire us to continuously raise the bar and redefine what’s possible. As you review the information, remember that your insights are invaluable to us. Feel free to reach out with your thoughts, questions, and suggestions—your voice matters. Should you have any questions regarding the information provided, please reach out to Vanessa Vredenburg, Director of Indigenous and Stakeholder Relations at

Together, let’s celebrate the achievements, anticipate the future, and champion the spirit of progress.

Stay inspired,

The Azure Team

September 2023

August 2023 – Portage la Prairie supports Taiwanese delegation with Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council

PRED is immensely proud and honoured to have had the opportunity to support the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council in its collaborative efforts in the recent delegation visiting Manitoba from Taiwan. This marked a significant moment in fostering international partnerships and cultural exchange. The delegation comprised three distinguished representatives from the Indigenous communities of Taiwan, alongside the esteemed members of the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council. The group was also joined by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Ottawa, which serves as the de facto Taiwanese embassy in Canada. Together. The delegation visited several other locations, including Portage la Prairie across Manitoba, and signed a memorandum of understanding with DOTC.

Additionally, the delegation, along with Mayor Knox, Councilor Masi, Councillor Porter, Councillor Tufford and members of the PRED staff, explored the National Residential School Museum, deepening their understanding of the history and heritage of the region. These shared experiences fostered a profound sense of unity and cultural exchange. A wonderful meal was then shared and many connections were formed. That evening the delegation along with our municipal leaders joined in on the participation at the grand entry of the Long Plain First Nation powwow, which provided a vibrant and enriching cultural experience for everyone.

Our heartfelt gratitude is extended to Maeengan Linklater, the Director of Operations at DOTC, for the warm invitation and for facilitating this cultural exchange and learning opportunity. Reconciliation and shared experiences of this nature exemplify the strength of unity and cultural exchange in our diverse and interconnected world. PRED remains committed to supporting such endeavours and looks forward to further opportunities to continue taking steps toward economic reconciliation with our indigenous partners, communities, and neighbours.

Tourism Development

It’s quite possible that Portage la Prairie is one of the Province’s most chronically under-rated destinations for tourism in southern Manitoba. Often considered to be too close to Winnipeg to have a strong tourism appeal on its own, the area is rich with sports and recreation amenities, bountiful in historical sites and important heritage milestones, alive with an inspiring pulse of arts and culture, and is celebrated for our outdoor experiences as well. We are working to ensure that new visitors get to know all of that about us and remind old friends why they should come back for a visit.

In 2017, we partnered with Travel Manitoba as one of the first communities to adopt the agency’s new “place branding” for our community and we are pleased to introduce everyone to Portage la Prairie – “Island on the Prairies”. This new community identity has helped to unify a number of committees and organizations to recognize the value of partnership and collaboration internally to broaden the scope of our marketing and ensure better coordination of our respective efforts. We are thankful to Travel Manitoba for bringing the idea forward and helping us to create a brand that the community has rallied behind and which will propel us to new heights in the coming years.

The Portage Regional Tourism Committee (PRTC) was formally re-established in 2020 to assist with managing the Island on the Prairies regional tourism brand for the Region of Portage la Prairie. The PRTC consists of representatives from the major tourism stakeholders in the region, each with
distinct specializations in different tourism categories:

● Heritage and Historic Destinations (Museums, Interpretive Centres)
● Outdoor Recreation (Camping, Golfing, Outdoor Exercise)
● Indoor Recreation (Central Plains RecPlex, Stride Place, Large Sports Tournaments)
● Community-Wide Events and Festivals (Manitoba Air Show, Potato Festival, Portage Ex)
● Amenities and Businesses (Portage la Prairie Chamber of Commerce & PRED)
● Local Government Bodies (City of Portage la Prairie, and the RM of Portage la Prairie)
● Hospitality (Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment)
● Indigenous Tourism


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Twitter: @island_prairies