Board of Directors & Staff


Board of Directors:

The PRED Board is comprised of seven Directors, three Councillors representing the City, three Councillors representing the Rural Municipality, and one member at large.


Preston Meier, Board Chair, City of Portage

Garth Asham, Vice-Chair, R.M. of Portage

Brent Budz, City of Portage

Kam Blight, R.M. of Portage

Peggy May, Member at large

Melissa Draycott, City of Portage

Dale Wood, R.M. of Portage



Executive Director – Eve O’ Leary

Eve O’ Leary joined the PRED team as Executive Director in December 2019. With over 14 years of business experience working at large international companies and Municipalities.
Eve is an accomplished Economic Development Professional that brings a wealth of Economic Development experience and business management knowledge to the organization.

Phone: 204-856-5000

Cell: 204-870-9050

Administrative Assistant – Inemesit Adeniyi

Inemesit Adeniyi joined PRED in March 2022 as an Administrative Assistant. With over 15 years of experience in customer care, office administration, marketing, and salesmanship, she is an invaluable asset to the organization. Blessed with boundless energy and dedication, she also brings a wealth of experience in public service. 

Phone: 204-856-5001

Cell: 204-903-7293