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The History of PRED

Portage Regional Economic Development (PRED) was formed in 2013, following the dissolution of a larger regional partnership under the banner of Central Plains Inc. with a mission to foster an environment with is attractive to investment and growth for both the City and Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie, respectively.

The scope of the department’s work includes liaison with investment interest from concept through to approval by the applicable Council, as well as ongoing support and liaison throughout the life of the investment within the jurisdiction. PRED is also responsible for the marketing of the region’s tourism portfolio.

Mandate of PRED

The mandate of the Portage Regional Economic Development is to create an environment that successfully attracts new investment, retains and expands current business for the entire community for the City of Portage la Prairie and the RM of Portage la Prairie whilst leveraging the strong regional approach of the two municipalities working together in collaboration.

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